Looney Tunes Clubhouse

Looney Tunes Clubhouse
Looney Tunes Clubhouse
$115/6 hours
Age range: 3 - Adult
Capacity: 4 - 8 Children
Footprint Size: 15 x 17 x 17
Space required: 17' x 19'
Rental rate: $115/6 hours
Deposit required: No
Attendants: Customer Supervised

Busy Kids Make Great Parties, and Jumpmaxx wants to help you do that for less. We are your Moonwalk Bounce House and Jumping Castle company.

The Looney Tunes Clubhouse is a reminder that a child’s life should be enjoyed and friendships are shared. Each one of us has memories of our cartoon friends Buggs Bunny and Tweety and the many others, here they are brazened across the front and sides of this unique Moonwalk. You will find yourself drifting back to younger days as you watch your guests, family, and children enjoy their cartoon friends in this Looney Tunes Clubhouse.

JumpMaxx has worked hard and long to provide to you the most unique and wondrous inflatable products to entertain your family and guests at any party, event, and fund raiser. How else can Tucson, Az keep its cool in its unbelievable heat other than a trip to Mt Lemmon?

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Book early as this inflatable is in high demand and it is first come first serve.

JumpMaxx prides ourselves in providing America with newer, cleaner, high end entertainment with inflatables like the Looney Tunes Clubhouse and many others.