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As you look at Jumpmaxx you get the feeling of a mature company strong and stable. This is true butJumpmaxx LLC to be honest has only been in bussiness since Febuary of 2009. The maturity comes from the fact that for years the owners have worked in the industry.
Starting with three units who could have believed that they would be able to add so many units so quickly.
There is one secret to the Jumpmaxx success. Great owners and employees that love people.
This day 7/1/2009 Jumpmaxx has 29 units and we are still growning in a hard ecomomy.

Jumpmaxx Castles are all special and unique they range from small to unbeleivable. Additions are made every two weeks or there about.
we have heard our customers request and we are earnestly looking for what they requested, and will continue to do all we can to make every party or event great.

Rachael Bullis the president of JumpMaxx saw a need, families that wanted to provide wonderous events. Events that would help tie customers families together in tough times. She set out a plan Cheaper Castle Rental, Goal one to make more smiles. This is how the $70 standard castle was born. There is no setup fee, We absorb it, No delivery fee within Tucson proper it’s included, We try hard to say it’s all in there for the $70 standard. She then sets out to do what would seem impossible. Newer castles, cleaner castles, better castles, great service, and more variety.
Many of you have met her as she delivered your castle. A mother and a Grandmother she knows the importance of family ties. Rachael has setup her goals of buying a castle every other week. She exceeded that goal so far this year. This is just the small part of who she is.

Look at the standards available at Jumpmaxx. What you will notice is these are newer castles, great themes and they are generally not paneled castles. Paneled castles are just a castle with a banner. These castles are full front they are the best of the best. So each customer you can rest assured that we are blessed when you make us “Your Jumping Castle Company”. We will strive to return that blessing to each of you in our added value. We ask you to consider booking early we are a small company still and stay very busy. I believe this is simply because of the great people that work with JumpMaxx LLC. At Jumpamxx We truly wish to be your castle company.

Sean Skaggs Vice president of Jumpmaxx. Sean has delivered castles for years for other companies in the area. He knows how to provide excelent customer service. The partnership is perfect Rachael provides all the booking and business processes. Sean is in charge of delivering great castles that will make imaginations soar. He is an exceptional driver and organizes all the drivers routes with the experiance that his years of service have taught him. Though he would love nothing more than to deliver every castle jump or slide to their customers personally, it is not possible. There are occasions when things do not go perfectly. If you see the Dynamic Duo Rachael and Sean on the road or delivering their may have been a problem. They are the last line of of defense for their customers. They will not allow one event to go wrong. They make the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday miracle happen with ease. Each of these people and the employees are commited to you. So here is our goals:
Low Cost
Provide the best service
Be on TIme
Provide clean castles
Have an exceptional variety
Make our customers happy

Rachael Bullis
Sean Skaggs

Author and Fan
Dave Bullis

We know times are tough, it is easy to see that this year the holidays will not be about gifts and presents for so many people.
Jumpmaxx hopes that out of the tough times, through the darkness. We hope small islands of joy will raise up around each of you. That people will help each other to overcome the obstacles in each others lives.
We want to offer what we can to each of you, we may not be able to help. We may not be able to be there for each of you. We do offer these words from the bottom of our hearts.
May the Holidays bring us all closer together be it families or friends. May our gifts to each other be, help, good guidence given, a hand when it is needed. May we give gifts such as words that comfort and lift up each other.
This would be the real meaning of a happy holiday. One to be remembered always.
From the Jumpmaxx Family may it be a truly Happy Holiday.
Jesus Birth the Reason For the Season !!
Happy Birthday baby Jesus

Thank you from, “JumpMaxx LLC Jumping Castles Rental” for your business.