A Bugs Life

A Bugs Life
A Bugs Life
Capacity: 2 Kids
Footprint Size: 16' x 35' x 8'
Space required: 10' x 20' x 40'
Rental rate: $225/6 hours
Deposit required: No
Attendants: Customer Supervised

If going to a Park please add an additional $45 for a Generator for a single unit or $60 for multiple blower unit. There is also a $50 Park Fee, This is due to the extra cost for the excessive Insurance Parks require over and above our normal Liabilty Policy. And a $25 Delivery Fee This decorative and fun obstacle course rental is bound to catch the eye of your guests. Race through the happy face pillars and down the slippery slide with cute ants marching beside you and cheering you on the whole way through. This obstacle course rental is great for kids and younger teens at many kinds of events, and is a good way to keep kids active and occupied. This inflatable obstacle course rental requires at least 15’w x 30’l x 10’h of space to set up at your venue and needs one electrical circuit to power the blower that keeps it inflated. This Bug’s Life obstacle course rental is ideal for conventions, birthday parties, company events, and a wide variety of other interesting parties. We’ve delivered these at all kinds of events in the Tucson and Surrounding Area's, and the guests practically always love them.