27′ Dual Lane Cliff Hanger

27′ Dual Lane Cliff Hanger
27' Dual Lane Cliff Hanger
$399/6 hours Dry
Capacity: 3 - 5 Kids
Footprint Size: 20' x 33' x 27'
Space required: 28' x 28' x 35'
Rental rate: $400/6 hours
Deposit required: No
Attendants: Customer Supervised

At 27 feet long, the Cliff Hanger Slide is one our largest inflatable slides and most exciting party rentals. Every bit as thrilling as it looks, this inflatable slide is a memory maker. Kids and adults alike immediately fall in love with this giant slide. With 2 separate lanes this is an ideal slide for racing a friend or sibling while also allowing for twice as much activity as a single giant slide. Named the Cliff Hanger for it’s rock themed exterior and impressive height, this slide is sure to impress. Guests climb to the top through a pathway in the middle that splits into the two separate slide lanes at the top. The climb is fairly difficult, but the exhilarating slide down is well worth the challenge. This is the type of party attraction that people will not be able to resist. Party goers will want to go through it over and over, smiling the entire time!